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31 May 2006
Volleyball v1.2 for Pocket PC has been released! Treo 700W devices are now supported! More info...

29 May 2006
The top-grade Table Tennis simulator with realistic gameplay is now on Pocket PC! Whether you call it table tennis or ping-pong, the game is the best! Windows Mobile 5.0, QVGA and VGA devices are supported! More info...

22 May 2006
Sudoku Gold - The Gold Edition of The World's Most Popular and Absolutely Addictive Puzzle Game has been released! Windows Mobile 5.0 and VGA devices are supported. More info...

9 May 2006
Volleyball is now on BlackBerry! Simbsoft has released Volleyball 1.0 for BlackBerry devices. 71xx, 72xx, 75xx, 77xx, 8700 series are supported! More info...

29 December 2005
Simbsoft has released Volleyball 1.1 for Symbian Series 60! All new Series 60 devices are now supported! More info...

24 December 2005
Super Deluxe Theme Pack for Pocket PC has been released. Over 500 beautiful themes for your Pocket PC! VGA and landscape mode are supported! More info...

22 November 2005
Volleyball 1.1 for Pocket PC has been released. Windows Mobile 5.0, VGA and square-screen devices support added! More info...

Home Products Basketball
Very addictive Basketball game!
Price: $9.95
File size: 1.2 MB
Version: 1.0
Release date: 12/02/03
Last update date: 12/02/03
Platform: Pocket PC
Processors: XScale, ARM, MIPS
Licence: Try before you buy
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This is a simple but addictive basketball game. Try to hit the basket as often as possible with either a limited number of shots or in a given time. To make a throw, drag a stylus from the ball drawing a line. Line direction is the direction of the ball moving. The length of the line is a throw power. The ball bounces back from the left and the right walls and from the floor.

Game Types
  • Practice: training without time or shots limitation
  • Normal: tournament for 1 to 4 players. The best results are shown in the Highscores table.
Game Modes
  • Time: try to make as many hits as you can during preset time
  • Shot: try to make as many hits as possible with preset number of shots
Basket Modes
  • Static: the basket changes wall after every hit
  • Shifting: the basket changes wall and its height on the wall after every hit
  • Moving: the basket moves all the time
  • Very addictive gameplay
  • Real basketball physics and sound effects
  • High quality color graphics and animation
  • Highscores table

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